America’s Homecoming Queen began in 1981, and is a very unique Selection, since participation is by invitation only. To qualify, you must be a high school homecoming queen, football or basketball and have never participated in America’s Homecoming Queen Selection before. This means that each queen participates only once, and every year there is a different group of girls competing for the state and national title. In most pageants you have girls who have been there before, and this gives them an advantage. America’s Homecoming Queen Selection eliminates all politics, since all of the girls are competing for the first time. 
In order to be eligible, you must submit an official application to the national office.

A preliminary judging for each state will be made from the applications received. Finalists will be selected to compete for the National Title. Our judges are selected from the fields of education, travel, and public relations, and are committed to the welfare of the youth of this nation .

If you are selected as a finalist, you will compete in personal interviews, essay, and prom gown competition only. There is no swimsuit or talent competition. We are looking for the all American girl who wants a career.

All Finalists receive a scholarship with the amount being determined as to how the Finalist places at the Nationals. An official scholarship letter to be presented to the college of your choice will be issued in September following that year's National Finals.

The scholarship is to be used to further your education after graduating from high school and is to be used for tuition only.

The scholarship letter states for each state winner to have the college of their choice at which they are enrolled send an itemized statement of their charges to the Memphis office. All checks are made payable to the educational institution at which they are enrolled that sent the itemized statement.

The scholarship must be used within three years from the date granted unless other arrangements have been made. All unused monies will revert back to the general scholarship fund after three years.

Any money owed to America's Homecoming Queen, Inc. or any returned checks that are outstanding must be paid before the scholarship can be disbursed. This includes bills incurred at the state and national events by parents and/or their guests.

America’s Homecoming Queen, Inc. has very high standards and is a Tennessee non profit corporation. It is registered with the Department of Trademarks in Washington, D.C. America’s Homecoming Queen, Inc. is bonded in accordance with Tennessee State Law.

America's Homecoming Queen, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

The purpose of the organization is to promote education and community service for high school homecoming queens in all fifty states. We are giving these young women, who have shown outstanding leadership ability, the opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals of being our leaders of tomorrow. We strive to reinforce the teaching of their home, school, and church, and work to give each girl the self confidence to achieve to the goals she desires. The Selection provides a friendly competition between girls of many differing localities and backgrounds.